About TermWiki Pro

Built from the world’s largest open source terminology project, TermWiki Pro (TWP) is a cloud terminology management platform that enables companies to manage their corporate lexicons to ensure content consistency on a global scale while reducing translation costs and time to market. It’s a time consuming process to define and then translate each product terminology with accuracy while simultaneously keeping track of changes and managing member collaboration. We solve the problem by providing technical writers, marketing professionals, translators and project managers with a secure and centrally managed terminology platform on the cloud so they can confidently define, create, review, translate and maintain their corporate lexicon anywhere and all the time.



Carl Yao

TermWiki visionary and localization veteran. Carl is a technology entrepreneur who is passionate about using technology to enable better global communications.


Martin Balaguer

Martin Balaguer has worked in the translation industry for 7 years. He leads TWP’s effort for improved user experience with streamlined workflow and implementation.


Edward Ednilao

Product Manager. With over 6 years of working in the design field, Edward helps lead the TWP team in developing the perfect translation tool for the digital age.


Emily Feng

Global media strategist. Emily graduated from Duke University cum laude with dual degrees in Public Policy and Asian and Middle Eastern Studies.


Tino Liu

Chief Technologist. Tino is responsible for designing and managing TermWiki Pro system architecture, core application functionality and web infrastructure.


Beatriz Freitas

Global Resources Manager. Beatriz ensures translation quality and effective communication between our worldwide translators and customers.


Sjors Kasbergen

Development. Sjors leads our functionality and usability testing efforts. He also designs use cases to ensure seamless user experience with simple UX.


Rajan Shah

Prior to Stepes, I spent five years in the financial service sector in London, working for such companies as Societe Generale and Close Brothers.