Finally, an Enterprise Terminology Management System that Works the Way You Want.

If you are familiar with how Wikipedia works, then you are already an expert with TermWiki Pro


Terminology Management Made Easy

TermWiki Pro (TWP) is designed using Web 3.0 technology, it works like ‘what you see is what you get’. It simplifies terminology management so everyone from your organization including content developers, information architects, technical writers, marketing managers, translators and linguistic reviewers can all work together in unison. With TWP, building your corporate terminology asset is easy, even enjoyable instead of being a pain point. TWP helps enterprises improve global content quality in all languages while reducing time to market and costs.


No Software Installation

Unlike other proprietary terminology tools, TermWiki Pro is completely cloud based so there is no complicated 3rd party software installation or expensive updates. All you need to take advantage of expert multilingual terminology management solutions instantly is your web browser. With TWP, you can start small and then scale as your terminology management needs increase. More importantly, you never get locked in with costly 3rd party software that is hard to replace and costly to upgrade.


Get Started with Terminology Management

With TWP, it’s easy to build your collection of terms. Simply import your existing terms from an Microsoft Excel file or start creating terms from scratch. In TermWiki Pro, a collection of terms is called a “blossary” which offers much more than a typical glossary in that it supports the term definition, industry category, creator information and many other useful attributes. Once a blossary of terms is created, you can then add images, descriptions, translations and a variety of terminology management related tasks such as change monitoring and workflow assignment for more effective collaboration and publication.


Define Your Terms

Another important advantage of TWP is that it allows you to easily define each term so that others know exactly what it means. It’s similar to Wikipedia in that each article must have a title (term) and body (definition) to define and describe the page. Can you imagine a site that just lists a bunch of titles without actual content? Unfortunately, this is how many businesses manage their terminology today, for example a list of terms without definitions included. Click below to learn why it’s critically important to define your enterprise terminology.


Track Changes

TermWiki Pro provides complete tracking of all your terminology content so you know exactly when a term is created, when it’s edited and by whom. The ability to track changes is critical for enterprise content development so all stakeholders can access the latest editions and understand the correct meaning and usage of each term. When it comes to companies in regulated industries, the ability to track terminology content changes is critical for compliance.

Translate Terms

TWP is built with globalization support right out of the box. It includes a robust translation workbench so linguists can work on translating terms and definitions easily for improved quality and efficiency. Translating terminology in TWP also allows for easy linguistic review and approval, as well as seamless collaborations between source content developers, translators, reviewers and project managers. Better yet, TWP tracks the entire change history of each term so you always have access to the latest terms and translations. This helps improve accuracy and consistency for your product documentation across all languages.


Collaborate Seamlessly

Enterprise terminology management is a highly collaborative process because it involves teamwork by people from a variety of functions such as R&D, technical documentation, sales and marketing, localization and external partners. However, the ability to manage this multidisciplinary collaborative process is more challenging than it seems. Like Wikipedia that is able to seamlessly manage millions of contributors from around the world to create the world’s largest online encyclopedia, TermWiki Pro provides a robust collaborative content development platform for expert enterprise terminology management.


Member Management

TWP is the first terminology management system in the world that incorporates comprehensive user management. You can assign members of your TermWiki Pro account based on their job functions such as translators, reviewers, terminologists, project managers and more. Depending on their assigned roles, each member can only perform a set of pre-defined tasks, allowing quality collaborations while at the same time ensuring effective monitoring and oversight.


Import and Export

TermWiki Pro is compatible with a variety of 3rd party content management solutions and supports all standard terminology exchange formats such as TBX, Multiterm, XLIFF, XML and many others. You can easily import terms from Microsoft Excel, CSV and other types of files to immediately begin terminology management within TermWiki Pro. You can also export terminology content in all standard formats for use with other software applications such as 3rd party CMS or TMS (translation management system) solutions. For customized support of 3rd party APIs, please contact for more information.


Multi-vendor Support

We recognize the importance for companies to work with multiple localization service providers (LSPs) for enterprise translation requirements. TWP supports multi-vendor requirements so you can have different vendors work on different blossaries or tasks all within your TWP account. For example, you can assign translation tasks to one LSP and then have a second LSP provide linguistic review and validation.


Customized Workflow

With TPW, you can assign different workflows for each blossary of terms. You can decide if source terms should be reviewed before translations begin or if a 2nd linguistic validation is needed for translated terms before final approval and sign off. For each task, you can also assign designated members so they get notified automatically when their task is ready to work on.


Notification Management

TermWiki Pro lets you get notified whenever changes are made to your terminology content so you always stay informed with the latest updates and revisions. You can customize notification settings so you can decide when and how to get notified.


Terminology Reports

TWP allows you to customize your terminology reports by selecting a variety of views such as terms that have been updated during a specific time period, or terms that have been translated by a specific team member. You can also show most viewed terms and most frequently used terms. Reports can be exported using an easy ‘what you see is what you get” process.


Google-like Search

TermWiki Pro supports a Google-like search of all your terminology content so you can easily find terms by name, concept or category. The ability to find existing terms and their desired translations in all languages is critical to prevent duplicated content and/or translation inconsistencies. Your content is searchable in real time as soon as they are added into your TWP account.