Enterprise Terminology Management:

A secure, cloud-based terminology management system designed to help global enterprises accelerate business, TermWiki Pro delivers full turnkey solutions for improved content quality while reducing authoring and translations costs.



TermWiki Pro (TWP) allows you to define, review, translate, approve, and monitor your terms, all in an easy-to-use wiki platform. Meet your own terminology management needs by generating terminology reports, customizing attributes, and defining specialized workflows.



Quality terminology management requires effective collaboration among your staff in product R&D, technical documentation, translation & localization, sales & marketing, and legal departments. TermWiki Pro provides a robust collaborative environment so your knowledge workers can work together efficiently.



Using TermWiki Pro you can track changes, manage user permissions, protect your terminology contents, and more. TWP lets you manage your multilingual terminology in a secure and globally accessible cloud-based platform with confidence and certainty.

Terminology Mining and Glossary Development

Businesses understand the importance of terminology management but are often puzzled about how to get started. Compiling the initial list of terms and then defining and translating it all take considerable know-how and human resources. As a result, the task gets put on a waiting list until the next crisis involving terminology errors arises. TermWiki Pro takes the pain out of enterprise terminology management by offering automatic term extraction from your legacy content complemented by human review with our subject matter experts.


Product Information Management

TWP is the first PIM in the world to deliver product information on-demand in all languages. TermWiki Pro simplifies product information management (PIM) by introducing an intuitive “what you see is what your get” platform so you can grow your business faster globally.

Sales Force Training. Simplified

TermWiki Pro gives you the ability to collect all your product terminology into easily accessible folders called Blossaries. Blossaries gives your Sales Staff the tool to master everything about all your products and services. Wherever they are, whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they’ll be able to access the product information they need to drive effective sales.

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