Terminology Management Simplified

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Terminology Management Simplified


I can honestly say TermWiki Pro is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my professional life. It solves a major challenge with multilingual terminology management for our fast cycle product launches.


Maria C.

Technical Information Manager

Demand More From Your Terminology Managment System


Define Your Terms

Add definitions, images, and custom attributes to your terms.


Track Changes

Access the complete edit history of each term at anytime.


Import and Export

Supports TBX, Excel, XLIFF, and other 3rd party exchanges.


Google-like Search

Find your terms and translations by name, concept, or category.


User Management

Manage user roles and control access privilege of team members.


Customized Workflows

Define workflows to meet your specialized terminology requirements.

Better Quality

Terminological accuracy and consistency across languages has the single most prominent impact on product quality and usability.

Reduced Cost

Improve authoring and translation productivity by eliminating costly and redundant terminology research. Gain competitive advantage globally.

Faster Delivery

Deploy content faster by eliminating costly terminology rework. Empower your authors and translators with real-time terminology lookup.

How Does It Work?

How Does It Work

TermWiki Pro (TWP) is an online platform providing a suite of enterprise terminology management solutions for global businesses. As a cloud-based service, there is no 3rd party software installation or service interruptions due to maintenance and support. All you need to do is sign up for a TWP account to get started immediately with your terminology management practice.

Populate Terms

There are several ways to create terms in TWP. You can add terms manually or import them from Excel or TBX files. If you prefer, our terminologists can help you create the initial termbase by automatically extracting terms from your content and then defining them for your review and approval. You can also add attributes such as usage status, screenshots, and other references.

Translate Terms

TWP has a built-in translation workbench so you can invite linguists to translate your terms directly in your TWP account. Translating in TermWiki Pro will allow all content edits to be automatically saved so you can track change history at all times. If you lack translation resources, our experienced linguists can help you translate your terms.

Look-up Terms

Once your terms have been reviewed and approved in TWP, you can use them in your authoring and translation work to ensure terminology accuracy and consistency in both source and translated content. You can use our API to connect your authoring tools and TMS (translation management system) as well as export content into an exchange file like Excel.

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Improve Translation Quality

Improve Translation Quality

Studies show that the number one factor affecting translation quality is the inconsistent and inaccurate translation of terminology. TermWiki Pro (TWP) allows you to improve translation quality while reducing costs and time-to-market by eliminating costly rework of your translated content.

Collaborate like a Wiki

Collaborate like a Wiki

Enterprise terminology management is a teamwork among your staff in R&D, technical documentation, localization, sales, marketing, and external translation partners. TWP simplifies the collaborative process so you can focus on improving content quality without getting bogged down with project management.

Grow Faster Globally

Grow Faster Globally

Global business development and expansion depend on quality translation and localization. TWP helps companies deploy products in international markets faster with increased ROI by streamlining multilingual content development with better efficiency and measurable quality.

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