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Signing up with TermWiki Pro gives you access to the largest Terminology Social Network in TermWiki.com. If you’re a project manager, it gives you great access to translators. If you’re a translator, your TermWiki profile gives you extra exposure as an expert in your field.

Service Levels

We’ve created 3 different Service Levels to suit you and your organization. We’ve even made it flexible for you so when your business and terminology demands increase, you’re welcome to upgrade your account to match your growth.

  • Starter

    For small startup looking to quickly expand your product into new markets. Perfect for small teams with a term base of less than 1000 terms.

  • Professional

    For mid-sized companies with multiple products and services; each needing their own Blossaries of collected terms.

  • Enterprise

    For larger organizations looking at ensuring all content whether it be products or services be made available with no limitations.

What’s a term?

A term is a word or phrase used to describe a thing or to express a concept, especially in a particular kind of language or industry and category.

When combined with its definition however, not only is a term made more understandable but it can then be used as great micro-learning content. TermWiki Pro gives you the tools to enter your terms and have them translated into whatever language you want.

Want to learn how to create the perfect term? Take a stroll through our Create a Term Guide.

What’s a Blossary?

A Blossary is a collection of related terms. It’s a useful tool when organizing product, service or even campaign specific terminology and ensuring they’re easily managed and accessed.

These specific Blossaries can then be exported as sales force training material, and because you’ve used TermWiki Pro to translate them into your target languages your Blossaries are already available as multilingual, micro-learning content.

As a starting block, TermWiki Pro can automatically create a sandbox Blossary from importing terms from an EXCEL file or even extracting terms from a WORD document or more impressively a from live website page. The term definitions are all sourced from TermWiki.com; one of the biggest social networks for terminology and translators.

Learn how to create beautiful Blossaries by taking inspiration from our Create a Blossary Guide.

Member Management

TermWiki Pro is not only an awesome terminology management tool, but it’s great at managing members and assigning them roles within an account or Blossary. Project managers, translators, reviewers and terminologists can work seamlessly within the platform.

You can quickly and easily invite members into your TermWiki Pro account and assign each member to specific roles. Project managers can assign translators to work on terms collected into specific Blossaries and then arrange for specific members to review the content.

Learn how to quickly create your team using our Member Management Guide.


TermWiki allows you to work completely in the cloud with the use of Workbenches. TermWiki Pro Workbenches allow you to add, translate and review multiple terms at once, giving project managers, translators and reviewers a live, centralized and efficient platform to work.

Our Translator Workbench gives options like Autofill and Machine Translate, which speeds up the translation process as well as giving translators a base translation to work with, instead of working from scratch.

Learn how to master our Workbenches using our Workbench Guide.

If you have more questions, contact support@termwiki.com