TermWiki Pro FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What is TaaS?

Terminology as a service (or TaaS) is a method of delivering terminology management software over the Internet—as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining terminology management applications on your own devices, you simply access it via the Internet, freeing yourself from the mundane requirements of software updates and hardware maintenance. Key benefits of the TaaS business model include the following:

  • No Vendor Lock-in

    Because TaaS applications are subscription based, customers can stop the service anytime if they’re dissatisfied, making the software publishers more accountable.

  • No Large Up-Front Investment

    With TaaS applications, customers avoid the large initial investment in an IT infrastructure and the day-to-day responsibility of maintaining that infrastructure.

  • No Maintenance Headaches

    TaaS customers all share the same distribution infrastructure, which centralizes administration and updates. Implementation is easier because there’s no need to support several platforms and multiple versions for different devices.

  • No Steep Learning Curve

    TaaS applications uses a familiar and intuitive Web interface, so customers usability and experience is improved thus driving up adoption.

  • No Outdated Software

    TaaS applications employ agile development to ensure continuous software improvement, allowing customers to access the latest features and benefits in real time.

Can I use TermWiki Pro with our CMS system?

Yes, there are two ways to use TermWiki Pro data with your company’s existing content management system, either through data import/export or via an API. TermWiki Pro supports exporting terminology data in Excel and TBX format. This data can then be imported into your CMS for terminology lookup. You can also use the TermWiki Pro API to integrate the terminology lookup dynamically.

How do I add terms in TermWiki Pro?

You can either add terms using the Add Term function from your TermWiki Pro account or import multiple terms in a form of an Excel or various supported file formats. The best way to import your terms is to use an import template provided by TW Pro which conforms to TermWiki Pro standards.

How do I invite translators to my TW Pro account?

You can invite translators using the member management feature. Simply select the Add New Member function and invite translators either through their email or TermWiki.com username.

What is TermWiki Pro blossary?

A blossary is a collection of terms within TermWiki Pro. A blossary can be created for a product, a business unit or any other purpose. Terms within a blossary can be created natively or collected from other blossaries. Organizing terms into specific blossaries makes it easy to track changes, monitor term review and editing activities as well as input/export. Blossary terms can also be search and looked up more easily.

Does TermWiki Pro support automatic blossary creation?

Yes, TermWiki Pro allows users to create blossary (collection of terms) using one of three methods: 1) Collect terms from an industry/category of TermWiki.com, 2) Import terms from an Excel file, and 3) Extract terms from an existing web page or document. Automatic blossary creation feature also supports the auto completion of definitions.

How do I ensure better translation quality with our translators?

By clearly defining your terms and providing your linguists with pre-approved translations for your product terms, your translators are able to translate faster and with better linguistic quality and consistency. Studies show that a majority of all translation quality issues in the translation industry are terminology related, i.e. inaccurate or inconsistent translation of technical terms for a specific domain. By proactively managing your product terminology, you are able to significantly improve your translation vendor’s quality performance while reducing turnaround as translation revisions cost both time and money.

How do I find duplicated terms?

TermWiki Pro automatically checks for repeated terms every time you add a term to your TermWiki Pro account. The ability to check for duplicated terms eliminates the risk the same term is defined and used inconsistently by your content developers. Terminology inconsistency is one of the most common content quality issues that lead to confusion and poor customer service.

Why do I need to define my terms? My business has been using a list of terms in different languages without definitions for years!

TermWiki Pro is the first enterprise terminology management system that enforces the requirement of term definition. It ensures the meanings and intended use of your terms are clearly understood by translators, staff members or your customers, eliminating ambiguity and potential confusions when defining and understanding company terminology. Terms with definitions also have better searchability so that your technical writing team don’t come up with different definitions when discussing the same term. Terms with detailed and concise definitions also enhances your SEO.

How do we use TW Pro data in our translation work?

Term Assist is a desktop tool that allows you to highlight a term on your computer and to instantly find its definition and translation in a target language of your choice. The translation data can be pulled directly from your TermWiki Pro account. Term Assist also allows you to use data from the vast terminology database on TermWiki.com.

Can TW Pro work with SDL Multiterm?

Yes, you can export your bilingual terminology data into Multiterm format and then use it in your translation projects.

Does TermWiki Pro have a translation workbench?

For sure. TermWiki Pro has a full translation workbench built into the platform and supports many functions of a CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tool.

The translation workbench is fully cloud based and linked directly to your account. By ensuring that you work directly within TermWiki Pro when translating your terms, you gain key benefits from features such as full terminology revision history and the ability to identify the creator and translator of each term.

Can I use TWP to translate our software GUI strings?

Totally. TermWiki Pro has a intuitive translation environment built into its workflow. One of the most important benefits of using TWPro to localize your software applications is that it stores all of your multilingual GUI strings in a central location on the cloud, allowing the latest version to be used by all team members. At the same time, it keeps a complete revision history of your software UI strings in all languages so you can easily track changes and approval records.

Free Trial FAQs

What is this free trial?

In May 2015 we launched a 30 day free trial for teams using TermWiki Pro. The trial gives teams unlimited access to TermWiki Pro features such as unlimited creation of terms, Blossaries and members, as well as imports and exports just to name a few.

What’s the catch?

There’s no catch. We know that purchasing a paid plan can be a big decision, so we wanted to give you and your team a chance to test the features and functions that makes TermWiki Pro such a great Terminology Management tool.

Should I wait to the end of the free trial to upgrade?

There’s no need. Once you’ve entered your billing information, your paid subscription will start on the date your free trial expires, giving you the full 30 days of TermWiki Pro for free.

What is this free trial?

In May 2015 we launched a 30 day free trial for teams using TermWiki Pro. The trial gives teams unlimited access to TermWiki Pro features such as unlimited creation of terms, Blossaries and members, as well as imports and exports just to name a few.

What happens when the trial is over?

Your content will be contained safely on TermWiki Pro and whenever you’re ready to subscribe to a paid plan, you can sign in, setup up your billing information pick up from where you started; with your terms, Blossaries, members and conversations all saved. If you want, you also have the option to start from scratch by deleting all your test terms and Blossaries. We will let you know in advance when your account is due to expire so you won’t experience any surprises.

Subscription Cancellation

You can cancel your TermWiki Pro subscription by sending a request to support@termwiki.com For complete subscription cancellation policy, please click here.

If you have more questions, contact support@termwiki.com