TermWiki Pro Support


Sign up for a TermWiki Pro account. Select a service level (we provide 30-day free trial). You are good to roll.

Manage your members

Invite colleagues, translators, subject matter experts, and reviewers to collaboratively develop and translate your terms. Once they join your account, you then assign their roles.

Create a blossary

Blossaries are collections of terms in TermWiki Pro. Blossaries can be created for different business functions such as marketing, legal, R&D, or for a specific product.

Add your terms

Add or import terms along with definitions into your blossaries. The system keeps track of all edits and changes.

Translate your terms

Have your linguists or in-country experts translate terms and their definitions into your target languages.


Export terms in your desired languages for use with your CMS, website and other enterprise information management systems.

Term Assist

Allow your tech writers, translators and other staff such as your sales force and partners to look up terms and your official translations in real time.

If you have more questions, contact support@termwiki.com