Your globalization starts with understanding and managing terminology.

TermWiki Pro is the world’s leading Terminology as a Service (TaaS) platform. A secure, cloud based terminology management system designed to help global enterprises accelerate business, TermWiki Pro delivers full turnkey solutions for improved multilingual content quality while reducing authoring and translations costs.

Easy to Use

TermWiki Pro simplifies the terminology management process so that everyone in your organization can play a role in your company’s terminology and brand identity requirements.

Terminology Anywhere

With TermWiki Pro being cloud based, your staff can access critical product terms and trademarks information anywhere in the world, on all devices and in all languages.

Instant Change Notification

TermWiki Pro centrally manages your company’s terminology. All your content changes are instantly made available to all stake holders, on one consistent platform and at any time.

Define Your Terms

TermWiki Pro is the first terminology management system that enforces the requirement of term definition. Don’t leave it to your linguists or even your customers to define what you mean by each important product term. Doing so not only leads to poor translation quality, it also puts your business at risk when a customer misinterprets your terms and misuses your products.

Track Changes

Because TermWiki Pro is one of the most easy to use Terminology Management systems on the market, complex tasks such as tracking term revisions are made easy. TermWiki Pro gives you full site into term history.

Term Review and Approval

Have full control over your branding and terminology. TermWiki Pro allows you to easily review and approve a term for use in your global content, ensuring brand consistency as well as improving translation efficiency.

Enterprise Terminology Management

As a globally-accessible, cloud-based terminology management platform that enables businesses to create, review, translate, approve, and manage their terminology collaboratively, TermWiki Pro helps organizations accelerate business globally.

Ensure consistent branding and superior customer experience in every language.


Life Sciences

Don’t leave your company at risk by not properly managing product terminology.


Why terminology work plays an important role in product safety and quality.

Oil & Gas

Provide your multinational staff operating in remote locations with instant access to equipment terminology.

Food industry

Show me the paper trail! Are all the words on your food packaging/ labeling approved for use?

Software Localization

Centralizing your software UI stings for better quality translation and faster time to market.


Having nightmare Markman hearings? Protect your patents with accurate and traceable terminology definitions.