Powered by the largest terminology cloud in the world, TermWiki Pro provides global enterprises with the technology infrastructure to conduct multilingual terminology management anywhere in the world. Compared to traditional terminology management tools, TermWiki Pro delivers all of the following benefits and more:

Real time global access to critical terminology and product information. Access TermWiki Pro worldwide, through the cloud.

More streamlined terminology management processes, allowing less people to achieve more by automating the terminology workflow and project management.

Reduce spending on terminology management because there no need to acquired dedicated hardware, software or licensing fees. Reduce spending on upfront investment for technology infrastructure.

Achieve economies of scale – Only pay what you need and upgrade your service level as your terminology management requirement needs increase. Achieve the best cost efficiency through TermWiki Pro’s versatile service levels.

Minimize downtime through a reliable cloud based platform. TermWiki Pro gives you access critical terminology content all the time.

With no software installation and with a minimal learning curve, TermWiki Pro ensures your team spends less time training and more time producing.

Faster time to market as content can be developed faster without having the exchange of static files constantly.

Better consistency as changes and updates to terminology content are immediately broadcast and made accessible to all of your global staff.