Empower your worldwide sales force with the latest product information across languages, so they can consistently speak to your global customers in one voice.

Sales Force Training. Simplified.

TermWiki Pro gives you the ability to collect all your product terminology into easily accessible folders called Blossaries. Blossaries gives your Sales Staff the tool to master everything about all your products and services. Wherever they are, whether they’re on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they’ll be able to access the product information they need to drive effective sales.

Allow Your Sales Staff to Speak with Confidence

TermWiki Pro Blossaries provides a central location where all key information about your products can be stored and easily accessed by your Sales Force for training purposes or when educating customers about new offerings. Blossary Business organizes the information into bite-sized micro-learning content that is has been created quickly within TermWiki Pro’s.

Globalization Ready!

Terms collected into Blossaries within TermWiki Pro are already translated into your target market languages. Using the same content ensures that your brand is made consistent from a marketing and sales force training stand point. Whether your French Sales Teams are meeting their customers in Paris or your Japanese Business Development Managers are talking to theirs in Tokyo, they’ll have the right tools at their fingertips to support their sales pitches.

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