Your Global Growth Depends on TermWiki Pro

TermWiki Pro is employed by many Fortune 500 companies to help deploy multilingual content faster while accelerating business growth globally. By proactively managing consistency issues at a very early stage, companies are able to prevent minor discrepancies from becoming serious problems later on in the localization cycle, when correction inevitably requires more time, effort, and money.

From specifications and drawings, to technical documentation, regulatory documents and marketing collateral, all different forms of business communication are typically products of multiple authors in different locations. Because of this, terminology management is the most efficient solution for ensuring that your business consistently speaks with one voice. Securing terminological harmony across translated documents not only improves the usability of your products, it also enables you to better adapt them to global markets and establish a uniform corporate identity.

Terminology Management at a Glance

In a nutshell, multilingual terminology management is the process of systematically developing, collecting, maintaining and presenting words that have special meaning and application in a given subject field. It is composed of the following processes:

  • Identifying which key terms are most closely associated with the product you intend to localize.

  • Mining legacy terms from previous versions of the product (and its related documentation) to ensure the maximum amount of content leverage.

  • Defining each term, and specifying a distinct set of terminological attributes (including part of speech, source context, usage status, etc.) that are most pertinent to your organization’s localization workflow.

  • Collecting these core terms in a centralized, accessible environment (such as a terminology management system or software application).

  • Translating each term into your organization’s core set of target languages,ensuring that your corporate terminology is consistent both across documents and across all languages.

  • Dispersing multilingual glossaries to all functional groups that are involved in your product’s international development cycle.

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TermWiki revitalizes the traditional, off-the-shelf approach to terminology management by allowing organizations to efficiently develop, manage and translate terminologies in a structured collaborative environment.

TermWiki is an online application that supports all popular internet browsers, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and others. From anywhere in the world, you can at last orchestrate complete uniformity of voice in every step of your global product development chain, breeding a new level of linguistic consistency across source documents and their translations.