Terminology management drastically helps companies improve multilingual content quality while reducing translation and technical documentation costs. However, it is often overlooked and is rarely part of the translation and localization process. One reason for this, is that traditional terminology management tools are too abstract to understand, too hard to use and often too costly to operate.

Being cloud and community based, TermWiki Pro redefines terminology management so that everyone can participate in the terminology management process. Designed to make its user experience both intuitive and fun, TermWiki Pro uses a centralized and collaborative platform to provide a user-friendly yet powerful terminology management solution to global organizations of any size.

Take a look at what our users’ are saying about TermWiki Pro’s ease of use:

“Last semester, TermWiki was one of the tools that translation and localization students used in the Terminology Management course that I teach at the Monterey Institute of International Studies. One of the comments I repeatedly heard was how enjoyable TermWiki Pro was to work with after many students had spent a lot of time and energy setting up a standard terminology management tool that required the definition of every single data category and the creation of input models before it can be used to create entries that go beyond simple term pairs. In TermWiki, with its clearly structured input methodology and available pick lists for many data categories, even a novice user will be able to create meaningful entries within minutes after logging on to the system for the first time. TermWiki Pro makes the whole terminology management process a breeze.”

Terminology Management Professor
Monterey Institute of International Studies (MIIS)