When it comes to global branding, one important requirement is to ensure the latest terminology updates and new product identities are immediately made available to everyone, including your all content owners and customers in their target languages. This ensures your writers, translators, marketing and sales personnel all use the same set of preapproved terms consistently in your marketing materials, website, technical documents, and sales literature in all your target languages. By centrally managing your company’s terminology on the cloud, TermWiki Pro makes your content changes instantly available to your global staff, on one consistent platform and at any time.

Recent studies by Common Sense Advisory, a research firm specializing in translation and localization, have found that global customer experience increasingly comes down to the quality of content—but not just in English. According the CSA, the addressable online economic potential amounts to US$54.9 trillion, but English only gives you access to 36.5% of that total. This means ensuring content quality in all your target language by proactively maintaining terminology accuracy and consistency has a major impact on your global branding.